Fedora 10 Release Party...great!

The party starts at La civetta (really nice and warm place) at 20.30 and we have had problems with projector cable. So we decided to use my laptop and this was nice because the party become immediatly less formal. I talked for 20 minutes about new feature using a nice presentation arrived the night before from Ujjwol.
After we start to share info and experiences, making live usb keys, helping people to use Fedora and join Fedora project.

*30 people
*10 usb live key
*25 DVD
*20 Beers

Some questions:

“Who pay people to write open source code?"
"Can I use photoshop in Fedora?"
“Why should I use Fedora?”
“How to install Fedora?”
“How to join Fedora?”
“Why are you working for the event?”

A lot of people are interested in the different way to upgrade version and in applications to use instead of closed source applications.

The party stop at 1.00 A.M.

I get 2 people who are interested to help Fedora. I encourage them to visit Fedora contributor’s site so they can choose which will suits with them.
One of them suggest to organize free Linux courses in Rome and repeat this kind of meeting frequently.

Here some photos.

See you at F11 Rel Party!

The special thanks go to:
Mario Pascucci - dvd provider, photographer and more.... a bad cold doesn't stop him!
Luca Cipriani - great supporter and linux lover
Ludoteca La Civetta – to give the space for Fedora event
Ujjwol Lamichhane – for Fedora new features presentation
Italian Ambassadors - to screen the event daily
Max Spevack – For financial support

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